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Welcome to Aspire Counselling and Training

We provide counselling, coaching and training to improve communication, performance and well being Our vision is to empower our clients to Aspire to their full potential! by providing counselling, training and consultancy to overcome obstacles to engagement, performance, and well being

Our Approach, integrates psychological expertise with practical tools to facilitate cognitive, emotive and behavioural change Our courses are carefully designed to help overcome challenges and achieve desired outcomes. We collaborate closely with you to gain a deep understanding of individual and team challenges and we devise tailored programs to overcome these: programs to date include ‘Effective workplace communication,conflict resolution, stress management, resilience and well being.’ Please visit our courses section for more information and taster training clips

Our counselling services combine several therapeutic models to offer help and support for a wide range of mental health concerns. Please visit our counselling section for more information

All programs are designed by Michaela Fitzpatrick who has 15 years international clinical and training experience For more information including, press interviews and articles, please visit about aspire page.

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