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Welcome to Aspire Counselling Coaching and Training

We provide Coaching, Training, Counselling and Hypnotherapy. We specialize in improving communication performance and well being. We have 15 years experience working across a wide range of industries including Medical & Healthcare, Legal, Financial, Media & Advertising, Sales & Retail, IT and NGO’s Our Motto is to empower our clients to overcome obstacles and Aspire to their full potential!

Our Approach, is always tailored to meet individual or organizational needs and combines psychological expertise with practical tools to create psychological, emotional and behavioral Change. Please view Introduction to Services Video above and visit our Counselling and Hypnotherapy links for more information on Therapies offered

Our Training Programs transfer essential knowledge and skills to create lasting change: Courses currently include: Esssentail Communication for leaders & Teams, Assertiveness Training, Cross Cultural Communication, Conflict Management & Resolution, Resilience to Stress/pressure, Performance/Presentation Skills and Fear/Anxiety & Panic Management Please visit  our courses link for Training Courses and Sample Training Videos.

Al Programs are designed and delivered by Michaela Fitzpatrick, who draws from a broad academic background and 15 years extensive clinical experience. For more information on Michaela, including Training Videos and Media Experience please visit about aspire page.

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