Assert Youself Workshop 9/10 Sept 2017

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Assertiveness is an effective and empowering communication style that helps to express wants, needs in a Clear, Open Respectful  and Confident way. Communication is not just important to relationships, it is the relationship and has the power to enhance or destroy them. Having the skills to place value on our needs is essential for developing self esteem and confidence, as well as reducing stress, anxiety, anger and resentment.The reason being we can apply skills to cope successfully with challenges that arise as opposed allowing them to escalate.

Aspire Assertiveness Training
Our Approach Is an integratated program that combines psychological expertise, essential frameworks, participative exercises to develop confidence and confidence with this essential life skill.

I would highly recommend this course for to many people with similar mindsets. Michaela is most helpful and made me feel so comfortable. She is a credit to her profession”

This Course was excellent, well above my expectations. I enjoyed the class interactions and how Michaela kept everyone alert and involved. Really good blend of theory and practical exercises. Great examples of personal and work life experiences”

I found this course brilliant, A lot of topics were covered. The handbook is excellent. I liked the use of power point, flip chart and role plays. I would highly recommend this course”

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Please visit our Assertiveness Courses page for more information including training video and course content, or phone today for a complimentary phone consultation. All contact is completely confidential.

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