About Michaela Brady – Founding director

Assertiveness Courses

My Experience

I am a psychotherapist, training consultant and international speaker with 20 years experience improving mental health, well being, engagement and performance. I am passionate about facilitating transformation and have empowered professionals across multiple industries and divisions around the world to overcome obstacles and aspire to their full potential.

Whether you want to overcome fears, improve communication  or increase  resilience and wellbeing my goal is to help you to succeed with yours!

I draw from a broad academic background and extensive clinical experience to deliver needs based, best practice counselling, coaching and training. I integrate several thereupitic prinicpals from psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP and Mindfulness. We can work together to assess needs and create programs that combine psychological expertise with practical tools and strategies to drive individual and organizational progress.

My Qualifications

Being an accredited member of ‘The Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy’ I am committed to the highest levels of professional and ethical conduct and aligned to international practices and standards. My therapeutic approach is integrative and combines insight and interventions from a broad academic background which includes:

IMI Accredited
IACP Accredited
  • B.s.c Counselling/Psychotherapy,
  • Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Dip (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
  • Fetac Qualification (Level 6) Trainer
  • Fetac Qualification (Level 6) Mediator

My training programs

My qualifications and experience have enabled me to design and deliver results focused training and coaching. I will collaborate closely with you to identify goals and create customized programs to achieve these . Please view Training section for available programs and taster videos. Also see the Testimonials section for client feedback. (Read more Like to Courses link). I offer courses in:


I was referred to Aspire with anxiety linked to workplace stress, combined with infertility problems in my personal life. I found their rounded approach worked really well, combining concrete, practical advice on stress management with a thoughtful exploration of the underlying behaviours and beliefs contributing to my issues. The sessions enabled me to gain a better understanding of myself, which really helped me to overcome the anxiety. Even more importantly, they gave me a toolkit for managing similar situations and looking after myself for life.

Female client (Stress Management) 2012

I would highly recommend this course to many people I know who are in similar mind frames. Michaela is most helpful and made me feel so comfortable. She is a credit to the profession

(Assertiveness Course participant) May 2012

Michaela is an excellent facilator and explained and demonstrated every aspect of the course in an easy, informative manner. I really liked the roleplays. I would highly recommend this course

(Assertiveness Course participant) March 2012

I met with Michaela because I had been struggling to control my anger and had been flying off the handle at the smallest of things and I sought Michaela’s advice for anger management.  I found Michaela’s advice extremely helpful.  She was non-judgmental, listened thoroughly and gave straightforward logical advice in a very objective and honest way.  She pointed out ways I could manage my anger better that worked. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Michaela to someone else in similar position.

Male Client (Anger Management) 2012

I want to thank Michaela, who taught me to own my true self and my imperfections too. Thank you for helping me to learn how to say no and empower me to just try.

Female Client (Self Esteem) 2008

I came to Aspire Counselling searching for help with my panic attacks and Anxiousness. With the help of the techniques given to me and talking through my life I was able to understand what was prompting my anxiety and how to reduce it significantly. I learned that if I was to change my thinking of a situation it would change how I felt in that situation too. I came out feeling a lot more confident about my abilities and a lot calmer. I would definitely recommend Aspire Counselling to anyone who is seeking help in this area.

Female Client (Overcoming Anxiety) 2008

After years of trying to please so many people. I now have learned phrases and skills to help me stand up for myself and for what I believe, I liked the delivery and presentation broken up into different parts and found the setting very comfortable and safe

(Assertiveness Course participant) November 2011

Wonderful relaxed class environment open for development and improvement. Michaela your teaching is clear, helpful, concsise, honest and thorough. I look forward to implementing what I learned in my personal and professional life Thankyou

(Assertiveness Course participant) September 2011

Michaela has a knack at helping you get to the real issue fast and in a non jundgemental and secure environment. I was quickly able to move through my issues on two separate occasions. I still use the techniques taught to me.

Female client ( Panic Attacks) 2006 & 2011.


My media experience

I regularly consult with the Irish media, providing psychological guidance and advise. Please see link below to magazine articles


I was the psychotherapist on RTE’s ‘The Love Clinic’ which was a TV program aimed at helping single women to develop a deeper understanding of their love choices and to identify emerging patterns/themes within these. I helped them to access what wasn’t working in their romances and examine how their beliefs were influencing their interactions and experiences. In addition; they were helped to build a profile of a compatible love match and offered guidance on developing Self-Esteem, Boundaries and Effective Communication.

Michela on Colm Hayes Show Relationship Advice