Aspire ‘Power Over Panic’ Program

Do you suffer from general Anxiety or Panic Attacks?
Fears or Phobias?
Performance Anxiety?
Social Anxiety?
Obsessive Compulsive Disorders?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you don’t have to suffer in silence, we can help you to take control of your anxiety!

Aspire “Power over Panic” is an individual tailored, results focused program which is offered as a one to one coaching over 6-8 weekly sessions. The program combines invaluable psychological expertise with practical tools/techniques which have been clinically proven to help overcome Anxiety, Fears/Phobias and Panic Attacks.

Benefits of Aspire ‘Power over Panic’
A safe, supportive and confidential environment
Essential Information to develop a full understanding of your condition
A thorough exploration of the history, causes & effects of your Anxiety/Panic
Support working through emotional, psychological and physical distress of your Anxiety/Panic
Empowering life changing strategies to overcome Anxiety & Panic

Aspire ‘Power over Panic’ Key Topics.
The psychological and physiological nature of Anxiety & Panic Attacks
Identifying individual Causes, triggers & Effects of Anxiety/Panic Attacks
The power of the Mind/Body Connection
Managing destructive Thought Patterns
Invaluable Relaxation/Anxiety Reduction frameworks & Techniques

Course Facilitator
The course is designed and offered by Michaela Fitzpatrick who is a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Mediator and Training Consultant. with 15 years extensive clinical experience working with Stress Management ,Anxiety Disorders & Panic Attacks, Assertiveness Communication & Conflict Resolution, Michaela has applied this program and helped hundreds of people to Successfully take back power and control over their Anxiety/Panic.

Course Cost.
The Cost is normally €70 per session. There is a special offer of €60 per session for 6 sessions for the month of April

Course Location.
This program is offered at our offices in prestigious Northumberland Road, Ballsbridge, D.4

For More Information.
For a free phone consultation Please phone us on 01 2945682 or 087 7824957. All contact between you and us is completely confidential