Steps to Assertiveness “Characteristics”

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Last time, In “What is Assertiveness?“, I gave a definition¬† and discussed its various components. Previous to that, in “The beginning of the Journey: Changing Perceptions” I identified common misconceptions around Assertiveness,¬† focusing on what it isn’t. Today; to help deepen your understanding of this important life skill, I will list specific Characteristics that do fit the bill.

Characteristics of Assertiveness

Direct, Open, Respectful and Confident Communicator
Respect for own and others rights
Able to establish Boundaries and say ‘No’
Effective listener
Flexible Thinker
Good conflict resolution and negotiation skills
Ability to give and receive Constructive/Corrective Feedback.

Direst, Open, Respectful and Confident Communicator

This was discussed in My last post “Journey towards Assertiveness“. Please refer to that for more info. For now though; What’s important to be aware of, is that Assertiveness is a communication style, combining a repertoire of skills which can be learned, as opposed to a personality Trait that you are lacking in. Yay!!.

The details of the various characteristics and some helpful hints to develop them are too detailed to discuss in one article.  Over the next few weeks I will examine each of these in different posts.

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