Special Offer! 6 Individual Conflict Coaching sessions reduced from €70 to €60 Per session

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Do you Avoid conflict at all Costs?
Have so much fear about dealing with conflict that you get stressed out at the thought of it?
Carry anger & resentment due to some unresolved conflicts in your life?
Would like to have skills/techniques to deal with Conflict?
Wish you knew healthier ways to express anger &  frustration

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Conflict Coaching Program can help you!

Aspire Confident Conflict Resolution Course
Is an individual, step by step weekly program, which combines expertise from the fields of Psychology and Mediation with practical skills and frameworks to develop confidence and competence with Conflict Management and Resolution. The course equips participants with invaluable communication, collaborative and creative solution methods, which are vital for healthy dispute resolution. All skills taught can be applied in personal & professional Relationships

Benefits of Aspire Confident Conflict Resolution
One to one Coaching in a safe confidential Environment
Practical, easy to follow frameworks to prepare for & resolve conflict
Tried and tested techniques to manage difficult situations and emotions
Essential communication skills for conflict resolution
Creative collaboration & problem solving frameworks

Key Topics Taught include:
Benefits of Conflict Resolution.
Causes, Effects, Attitudes & Responses to conflict
Overcome fear & build confidence for effective Dispute Resolution
Effective Conflict Resolution Communication (Language/Body language)
Essential skills for managing anger and strong emotions
Frameworks for Giving and receiving Constructive/Corrective Feedback
Conflict Resolution Preparation framework
Conflict Resolution Framework ‘The solving Cycle’

Course Facilitator
Aspire Confident Conflict Resolution‘ program is designed and facilitated by Michaela Fitzpatrick, who is a Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Mediator and Training Consultant with 15 years extensive clinical experience. Michaela specializes in teaching Empowering Communication skills, including Assertiveness & Conflict Resolution and is an expert in Stress Management & Anxiety Disorders

Course Structure.
This program is offered on an individual basis and can be daytime, or evening appointments. These are typically offered weekly, but can be done by-weekly. You will be provided with a combination of essential information and the opportunity to practice learned skills in a safe, confidential environment. You will also be provided with invaluable feedback, which is individually tailored, to help you to develop and improve your skills.

Course Location.
The program is run from our prestigious business premises at Northumberland Road Ballsbridge. D.4

Course Cost.

The cost of the Course is normally €70 per session and is reduced to €60. until June 2014 If you refer a friend and they sign up, you will be offered the program for €55 per session for 6 weeks!

For Further information
Please visit our Media Section & Courses Section for training videos & magazine articles offering advice on managing Conflict

To book an an appointment
Contact us today for a free phone consultation on 01 2945682 or 087 7824957. All contact between you and us is completely confidential

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