‘Assert yourself’ workshop

Participant feedback

I found this course to be excellent. I felt very relaxed and safe and I now know Assertiveness is a set of skills that anyone can learn and I have choices in how I want to interact with others. These are life changing skills that everyone needs to know” (Male Participant 2014)

I really enjoyed the Assertiveness course and love the practical tools and techniques which are just so easy to use. This along with a deeper understanding of boundaries and manipulation have given me tremendous insight. Since the course, I’ve been feeling a lot better and stronger and my confidence is returning.” (Head of Hr 2014)

Communicate with, confidence and impact.
“Effective team building and leadership skills training”
“Improve mental health,well being, self esteem and confidence”
“Set boundaries and say ‘No’”

Assert yourself workshop

Are you fearful of expressing what u want?
Would like to communicate with more confidence?
Do you say yes when you really mean no?
Feel others take advantage?
Avoid conflict / confrontation at all costs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then “Aspire Assert yourself  workshop” can help you!

Assert yourself workshop

Our assertiveness courses combine psychological expertise and cognitive behavioural therapy with practical tools to empower you to express yourself in a clear, open, respectful and confident way. Our approach is enjoyable and engaging, with an emphasis on improving knowledge and skills essential for assertiveness training.

Learning assertiveness skills are crucial for improving mental health and well being as they help with stress management and anxiety that can escalate when we are unable to express our wants, set boundaries or manage conflict. The skills taught will help to reduce anger and resentment and improve confidence and self esteem as you will learn to place value on yourself by expressing your wants and needs in effective ways

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to improve communication and interactions within personal and professional relationships and is available as group training or individual coaching.

Benefits of our program

  • A safe, supportive & enjoyable training space
  • Small groups to ensure individual encouragement, support & feedback
  • Psychological expertise combined with practical models to build assertiveness skills
  • Opportunity to practice learned skills in a safe space to increase confidence
  • A combination of theory and skills training to appeal to different learning styles

Course Outline.

  • What is assertiveness?
  • Why be assertive? key benefits
  • Freeing yourself from fears
    around assertiveness
  • Overcoming self- limiting Beliefs: Applying cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Assertiveness ‘The spoken Word’
  • Assertive body language
  • Applying effective listening to connect
  • Understanding communication styles: passive, aggressive, assertive
  • Setting boundaries
  • Dealing with anger, manipulation
  • Skills for saying ‘No’
  • Giving and receiving effective constructive feedback
  • Conflict resolution tips.

Course Facilitator Background

Course is designed and facilitated by Michaela Fitzpatrick. Michaela is a Psychotherapist and Training Consultant with 16 years international training and therapeutic experience in mental health, communication and conflict resolution ‘About Aspire’ page.
For more Information
Please email michaela@aspirecounselling.com or phone 0061 431514162


Testimonial Assertiveness Course 2013
I found the course brilliant. A lot of areas/Topics were covered. The handbook is excellent and I liked the use of Power Point, Flip chart, Videos and Role plays to vary learning. I would definitely recommend this course and am interested in further training that Aspire offers.

Assertiveness Course 2013
This course was excellent. Well above my expectations. I enjoyed the interactions with class and how Michaela kept everyone alert and involved. Really good mix of theory and practical techniques. Information was very comprehensive with good examples of workplace and personal situations.

(Assertiveness Course participant) May 2012
I would highly recommend this course to many people I know who are in similar mind frames. Michaela is most helpful and made me feel so comfortable. She is a credit to the profession

(Assertiveness Course participant) March 2012
Michaela is an excellent facilitator and explained and demonstrated every aspect of the course in an easy, informative manner. I really liked the roleplays. I would highly recommend this course

(Assertiveness Course participant) November 2011
After years of trying to please so many people. I now have learned phrases and skills to help me stand up for myself and for what I believe, I liked the delivery and presentation broken up into different parts and found the setting very comfortable and safe

(Assertiveness Course participant) September 2011
Wonderful relaxed class environment open for development and improvement. Michaela your teaching is clear, helpful, concise, honest and thorough. I look forward to implementing what I learned in my personal and professional life. Thank you