Positive Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

“Resolve conflict effectively to improve corporate wellness”

“Increase leadership skills by learning effective conflict resolution”

“Improved stronger relationships”

About the Course

Our ‘Workplace Conflict Resolution’ courses combine expertise from psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy and mediation with practical tools to develop confidence and competence with effective conflict resolution. The skills taught are crucial leadership skills for reducing distress and promoting harmony essential for team building and corporate wellness. This program teaches invaluable communication and collaborative solution method which are key for reducing employee stress and improving workplace well being. This 1 day program is available for groups, or as individual coaching, and can be offered on site or as online coaching.

Why invest in effective conflict resolution

    • 50%-90% of staff departures are due to chronic unresolved conflict
    • 65% of performance problems are due to strained workplace relationships
    • 30-40% of manager’s time can be spent on conflicts when they arise
    • Companies with effective dispute resolution report an 80% reduction in litigation costs

Benefits of program

      • A safe, supportive and fun training space.
      • Small groups for individual support/feedback
      • Group discussion, involvement exercises, skills practice to develop insight/skills
      • Practical, frameworks to reduce fear and develop confidence with conflict management
      • Proven techniques to diffuse anger, distress and resistance during conflict
      • Essential communication skills for effective dispute resolution
      • Creative collaboration & problem solving Frameworks

Course Outline

  • Benefits of conflict resolution
  • Causes, effects, attitudes & responses to conflict.
  • Essential conflict resolution communication skills
  • Skills to demonstrate respect and support in conflict situations
  • Responding to anger, distress and strong emotions during conflict
  • Giving and receiving effective constructive feedback
  • Conflict resolution preparation framework
  • Applying The ‘Solving Cycle’ Model for resolving conflict

Course Facilitator Background

Course is designed and facilitated by Michaela Fitzpatrick, who is the founding director of “Aspire Counselling and Psychotherapy” Michaela is a psychotherapist,training consultant and noted speaker in improving leadership skills, corporate well being, engagement and performance. For more information on Michaela please visit the ‘About Aspire‘ page.