Assertiveness Training , Confidence Building and Conflict Resolution

Whether you wish to express your needs, say no without panic, cope with conflict or set boundaries, we equip you with skills to shift mindsets and communicate effectively. Being able to assert yourself is key to building self-esteem and well-being while reducing stress, anxiety, and anger.

Exploring Our Assertiveness Training Course

We combine Psychological expertise, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Conflict Resolution Tools and Preparation Frameworks with involvement exercises to develop confidence and competence to express yourself clearly, respectfully and confidently. All strategies and frameworks taught are applicable in personal and professional relationships. This full-day workshop is open to the public and available as an individual coaching program or group training. 

Course content includes:

  • Defining assertiveness and benefits
  • Applying CBT to reduce fear and increase confidence
  • Identifying the stages and blocks to learning
  • Exploring passive, aggressive and assertive communication
  • Using effective verbal language and body language to connect
  • Giving and receiving effective constructive feedback
  • Setting boundaries and saying ‘No’
  • Recognising and responding to manipulation
  • Responding to anger, upset and strong emotions
  • Exploring the 5 conflict responses
  • Planning, preparing and scripting for difficult conversations
  • Applying the “Solving Cycle” to overcome differences and disputes

Effective Workplace Communication and Conflict Resolution

Having the skills to communicate effectively and manage conflict in a personal and professional capacity is an essential life skill for managers and teams alike. Unresolved conflict plays havoc with our health and is linked to higher levels of stress, anxiety, lower mood and reduced motivation. It also impacts morale, performance and productivity. It’s crucial that teams are equipped with effective communication and dispute resolution strategies as the research shows that:

Over 65%

Of work performance problems are due to strained workplace relationships

Approx. 30%

Of managers’ time is spent resolving conflicts when they arise


Chronic unresolved conflict accounts for 50-90% of staff departures,

Exploring Our Workplace Communication and Conflict Resolution Program

This program combines Psychological expertise, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mediation Methods with practical tools to improve employee engagement and interaction. Your team will be equipped with invaluable techniques to improve communications, navigate difficult conversations and apply techniques to negotiate and resolve workplace conflict.

Course content includes:

  • Exploring conflict resolution and its benefits
  • Applying CBT to face fear and build confidence to resolve conflict
  • Identifying causes, effects and responses to conflict
  • Exploring passive, aggressive and effective communication
  • The components of effective communication
  • Applying effective verbal and body language to connect with others
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Establishing rapport through body language and active listening
  • Setting boundaries and responding to anger and upset
  • Preparing and scripting for difficult conversations
  • Apply ‘The Solving Cycle” to negotiate differences and disputes
Michaela’s interview on tips to deal with workplace conflict

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