Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit | Mental Health Conference Speaker

Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit | Mental Health Conference Speaker

Minding our Mental Health (Mental Health and Well Being Summit, Oct 11th 2018)

I’m so excited to be one of the speakers at the Mental Health and Well Being Summit in the Aviva Stadium on Oct 11th 2018. This event is so important, as it’s a crucial step towards taking away the taboo and making it ok to speak out about our mental health in Ireland. I have huge admiration for celebrities and athletes who are paving the way for this by sharing stories of their own challenges, some of whom will be speaking at this great event.

So many people suffer in silence due to shame, embarrassment or fear of judgement or discrimination They often assume they should be able to cope, or that its weak to get counselling or support. Sadly; their condition frequently worsens. With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health condition and suicide being responsible for 1 in 4 deaths of young Irish people its time to talk about it! The issue of mental illness is likely to be one that will impact us all at some stage. If not you, then a loved one, or a colleague.

lets-talk-mental-healthThe first step to reducing these stats is to stand up to stigma and make it ok to reach out and get help and support. When I have spoken about this topic in Ireland and Australia, I have asked my audiences to consider their mental well being the same as they would their physical health. If for instance; you had a broken leg, or a toothache you would seek medical help to heal. Chances are without this, the symptoms would most likely deteriorate. We need to think of our mental health in the same light. The two are undeniably connected anyway in the sense that physical illness can impact mental health and vice versa.

IMG_1811There is no shame whatsoever in availing of help and support. As a psychotherapist, I have 18 years experience working with a multitude of issues affecting well being including; stress management, anxiety treatment, addiction, panic attacks and depression. I have witnessed my clients transcend huge life obstacles and drastically improve their mental health to pave the way for a fulfilling life. This is why I am super excited to be speaking at the Mental Health Summit, as there will be experts within the field offering workshops on areas related to this hugely important topic. Remember; information is power and action changes things, so let’s learn more, speak up and stand up to stigma so more can get help and support to improve their mental health and aspire to their full potential.