Tips to Improve Wellbeing

I was recently a key note speaker at ICBE’s annual well being conference. What a wonderful audience! even though a large group, attendees fully participated in discussions and activities. Central to our time together was to apply the C.A.R.E Model for increasing well being. I created this 10 years ago and have applied it in clinical practice for stress management and anxiety treatment with outstanding results.

Picture1The C.A.R.E Model  helps us to identify Causes of stress, (with a particular emphasis on those negative thinking traps that are guaranteed to impact our well being) Awareness of effects. Thus stage helps to build insight into when there is an escalation of stress.  Those yellow flags that signal we are in the danger zone, such as sleep disturbance, ongoing colds/flues, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, irritability or increased accidents/mistakes. It’s crucial to pay heed to these to avoid chronic stress, which is detrimental to our mental and physical health.

mHqYB9HyHaving identified the causes and effects, we then review our responses to check if these increase or reduce resilience. For instance; when under pressure do we skip breaks, work longer hours, drink more coffee, take more alcohol, or set unrealistic goals? These responses will ultimately increase stress and anxiety levels.

Bk9r0-HYThe final step in the CARE Model is to establish well being responses, to take action steps towards self care. When deciding on yours, ask yourself: What recharges and relaxes me? Who empowers and supports me?  What brings me fun? Within these seminars, I also provide proven techniques to build a resilient mindset, manage time better and of  teach guided relaxations guaranteed to reduce stress

F1Sxv0R7Whether I’m speaking to a large group Like the seminar for ICBE or working one to one in clinical practice, this type of structured approach really works, as it combines psychological expertise with a practical individualized toolkit to replace stress and anxiety with resilience and well being